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Email Blue in the Face
Visit Blue in the Face's Website
Located in north eastern PA, high quality Blue, Himalayan, and Opal Mini Rex are the standard, with Castor, White, Broken, and others on occasion. A much smaller venture - Flemish Giants bred from the Hoppin' Haven line, working with the Fawn and Sandy varieties.

Email Hop Chocolate
Visit Hop Chocolate's Website
Jenifer's rabbitry project - Chocolate, Lilac, and Otter's of the same in north eastern PA. Also working on genetic Lynx and Amber's for Lynx programs. REW, Blue, Castor, and Opals on occasion.

Email Berlena's Place
Visit Berlena's Place's Website
TOP Quality BEW and Vienna Carrier Mini Rex and other colors on occasion! Also Horses, Tack, and some exceptional video footage from the 2006 ARBA Convention in Fort Worth Texas!

Email Whitehart Rabbitry
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Chocolate, Lilac, Lynx and Chinchilla Mini Rex in Ohio. Another interested breeder in Marten varieties.

Email Velcheck's Rabbitry
Visit Velcheck's Rabbitry's Website
Californian's, and Checkered Giants. 1ts Place Californian junior buck at the 1999 Californian National Speciality Show in Topsfeild, Mass. Swiftly moving up in the Checkered Giant points standing with an award winning show string! Email for Pricing, and availibility.

Email Icebox Rabbitry
Visit Icebox Rabbitry's Website
Icebox offers outstanding typed and coated Mini Rex in Black, Broken, Cinchilla, REW and recently added BEW. Icebox Rabbitry is owned and operated by Cindy Servis, also the author of the dynamite book "Breeder's and Buyer's Guide to Type Traits". This book is a MUST HAVE for every serious showman, and a wealth of information for any breeder. 2 thumbs up!

Email Spring Brook Angoras
Visit Spring Brook Angoras' Website
Excenelt quality English Angora rabbits with type, color and excelent spinning quality wool. Some harder to find quality animals in colors such as Broken, and Blue Eyed Whites out of Newark, DE.

Email Barrett Rabbitry
Visit Barrett Rabbitry's Website
Young Daniel raises Mini Lops in several varieties including Chestnut, Black, Chinchilla, Opal and Brokens...All looking great so far! Come see what our Youth can produce!

Email Clover Patch Rabbitry
Visit Clover Patch Rabbitry's Website
Hannah raises quality Californians, Netherland Dwarfs, English Angoras, and Jersey Woolies out of the Stroudsburg area in Pennsylvania. I myself have purchased several animals form Jennell (Hannah's older sister) and can attest to a quality herd.

Email SS Rabbitry of York
Visit SS Rabbitry of York's Website
Rex, Mini Rex and Lionhead rabbits located in York, PA. Many varieties of Mini Rex including Otters and Sable Points! The Sheppards were the big winners of the MMRSC 2007 Bunny Bay silent rabbit auction at the PaSRBA show! They walked away with a great Blue Otter doe from my own rabbitry, and a lovely little Black Otter buck from Patty Tarman in Ohio!

Email Lake Vue Farm
Visit Lake Vue Farm's Website
Formerly Rogers Rabbit Land, The Rogers family have top quality Mini Rex, New Zealands, Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. They also have Boer Goats and Sheep on their patch of land in Ohio. This nationally competitive herd is now dabbling with Chinchilla Mini Rex, in addition to their 'normal colors' ;)


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