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Until we create a genetically sound line of homozygous Seal Mini rex exhibiting correct color and discernable shading, the Seals/Siamese Sable/Himalayan line will be intensively interbred, and worked on as one whole group. The Himalayan, with it's excellent coats is dual purpose in both this program as well as the Chinchilla lineage. Contrary to popular belief, the Himi "IS NOT" a shaded animal. Shaded animals need the "c(chl)" gene, and the Himalayan is "c(h)". A Siamese Sable with a Himi parent that still is dark enough to be shown as Seal, will be shown as such, but never bred or sold as one. By selective breeding, this "Seal" can be used to produce not only more Seals, but also correct Himalayans. Siamese Sables are availible from time to time, and thanks to Rick Stahl in WA, the current holder of the Sable MR COD, they may soon be an accepted variety of Mini Rex. The Indianapolis Convention he accepted a first failure, and a second failure at Fort Worth, TX in '06. The COD will now pass to the next in line, Jeremy Wattmuff.
These Siamese have correct genetics to produce Himalayan (in our barn), REW, AND GENETIC SEAL, as well as adding a little diversity to the gene pool. We do have the occasional Smoke Pearl (COD holder is Jeremy Wattmuff as well), as most of our Himi's carry dilute, and these shaded animals are also used in our Silver Marten program. Pics of them can be seen on the "Other Colors" page.
We also have several Self Chinchilla animals, and these are often mistaken as Seals, as the color is almost identical within certain lines. We will show these Self Chins as "Seals", as they are much closer to the ideal goal considering they are a Chinchillated variety, than the 'bad Blacks' they are often mistaken for.

Please note:
All of my Himalayan stock has been sold to Blue in the Face, although I will still continue to use them from time to time as I need them, I have decided not to focus on the Himalayan as a variety in my herd. The animals shown below are for reference use only.

BYF's What's the Point? - Seal Junior Doe Kelly's Solace - Sable Junior Buck
Kelly's Mink Stole - Sable Junior Doe Seal Junior Doe
Kelly's Catalyst - Sable Senior Doe Sable Junior Doe
3R's Blueberry Latte - Smoke Pearl Senior Doe 3R's French Silk - Sable Senior Doe
Kelly's Chai - Sable Senior Doe, living with Terri Fox Kelly's Icebox - Himalayan Senior Buck