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Chinchilla Mini Rex are one of the oldest, and in my eyes, most beautiful of all the Mini Rex colors...when done correctly! Good Chinchilla's should be a sparkling blend of black and pearl surface color with good luster and contrast, resembling the animal their variety is named for. I started my venture in improving the Chin in 1993, and with a rocky and slow start, have not only developed a line that shows promise in keeping this variety alive, but a pleasure to work with. I select stock primarily on Type, followed by Color, but only when the condition of coat is prime.

After a few setbacks in recent years (mainly 2001-2002, and then again in Fall 2007), I have brought in new blood, and crossed it on my own line which had gone mainly untouched for 10 or so generations. I have mixed feelings on the results, but progress will do that to you! Overall, the traits that I have decided to breed in are showing up with much more consistency, and I am getting fewer and fewer 'cull' rabbits in my Chin lines as they begin to become 'one'.


Kelly's All That - Chinchilla Senior Doe Kelly's Silver Fizz - Chinchilla Senior Doe
Kelly's Bubbles (shame she is a booted, huh?) Kelly's Arsenic - REW SRD - FOR SALE
Kelly's Lime (pic as a junior) - White doe, dam of Annie above. Kelly's Bubbles (shame she is a booted, huh?)
Kelly's Annie - Booted Chin SRD GC Kelly's Zen - A VERY influential doe in my Chin herd