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Welcome to Midori no Daichi Rabbitry.


Midori no Daichi is a small show rabbitry located in northeast Pennsylvania, focusing on Quality not Quantity.

PLEASE NOTE!!!! I am no longer breeding Mini Rex, but my lines can be found in rabbitries all across the country! My daughter Jenifer, has the largest group of my animals, focusing on Chocolates, Lilacs, Genetic Lynx, and all four colors of Otter, with the Chocolates and Lilac being preferred! I have shifted gears to the rare and endangered Blanc de Hotot, and my website for this regal breed can be found at

Midori no Daichi Blanc de Hotot's

PLEASE UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS! I have dispersed a few Chinchilla Mini Rex to other barns, and if you are looking for a reference, please dont hesitate to contact me!


Hop Chocolate
Go to Jenifer's site to see her exquisite Mini Rex in the Chocolate varieties!


I am a member of the ARBA, NMRRC, and PaSRBA.


With a COD in place, the Silver Marten Mini Rex are starting to take off, the beginnings of a new variety! See the "Other Colors" link to your left to see my SUPER nice little Black Silver Marten buck sired by Lava. Check Icebox Rabbitry for updates on how my line is holding up in the tundra!


Although we do have the occasional lesser quality rabbit due to color/markings, we tend not to use these animals in the breeding program, and usually they are culled from the herd and sold as pets. Please feel free to inquire about these animals, as they make excellent pets where their color 'non-conformity' just makes them more unusual and lovable! We have both Mini Rex pets, and Blanc de Hotot mis-marks available for pet sales!

Please click on the variety links to see images of my animals. Although I will no longer be updating the images on this site, feel free to refer to it for viewing animals that may be listed on your pedigrees! I hope to complete the genetics area of my website, and will be cross linking it to my Blanc de Hotot pages as soon as time allows! If you see something that needs to be attended, please feel free to email or IM me at any time.


Kelly Garrity
RR8 Box 4120
Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania


Phone: (570) 350 - 6298

(If there is no answer, please leave a message on my voicemail with the number you will be available at, and clearly state your name.)


Email: FubarBun@PTD.net

AIM: Chini Mini Rex


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